Accoya Sneek Bridge: From the Netherlands to Toronto
Accoya Sneek Bridge: From the Netherlands to Toronto
Accoya Sneek Bridge: From the Netherlands to Toronto

Designed in the shape of an upturned fishing boat, the Accoya Sneek Bridge reflects the deep-rooted maritime culture of the city Sneek, in the Province of Friesland, Netherlands. ACCOYA wood was chosen for its durability and as an environmentally conscious alternative due to its significant lack of CO2 emissions when compared to other building materials such as concrete, steel and tropical hardwood. Approximately 1200 cubic metres of ACCOYA wood was used in the production of the Sneek Bridge. But, if you can't travel all that way, we have the scaled model of the Sneek Bridge in Toronto.

With a supply of ACCOYA wood, donated by Upper Canada Forest Products, Jordan So, a member of Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science, designed this scale replica of the famous bridge. The model generated much interest when it was unveiled at the 2016 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects' (CSLA) annual meeting in Winnipeg. The model continues to travel to events to showcase the unique benefits of ACCOYA wood, as well as the skill of the Ryerson students. If you are interested in learning more about this model, please contact us at

ACCOYA wood is manufactured using Accsys Technologies' proprietary acetylation process to create the nontoxic high-performance wood product. The modification process chemically alters the wood's free hydroxyls into stable acetyl groups. Acetyl groups are naturally present in all wood species, which means that nothing toxic is added. The altered cell structure of the wood makes it an unrecognizable food source for insects and prevents fungal decay. It boasts a 50-year above ground and 25-year below ground warranty, and swelling and shrinkage are reduced by 75 percent or more.

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