Upper Canada Responds to Devastating Alberta Fires
Upper Canada Responds to Devastating Alberta Fires
Upper Canada Responds to Devastating Alberta Fires

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - May 18, 2016 – Upper Canada Forest Products has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fire Fund. These funds will directly help those affected by the Fort McMurray fire which continues to burn in Northern Alberta.

As winds shifted this week, more evacuations were ordered again for residents threatened by the Fort McMurray wildfire. The fire now encompasses 345,000 hectares or 852,500 acres. Over 19,000 houses have already been assessed for damage and hundreds of houses destroyed. Insurance loss estimates are expected to exceed $9 billion for the Fort McMurray fire.

Many throughout the wood products and building industries have responded to the campaign, raising much needed funds for the Red Cross Alberta Fire Fund. As a thank you, Upper Canada is providing FORT MAC STRONG hats for donations of over $20.

Owner and CEO, Warren Spitz and his wife, Maureen, have committed to match all donations with a personal contribution up to $20,000. In addition, donations will also be matched by the Government of Canada, in effect raising $3 for every $1 donated. One hundred percent of the money collected will be matched and directed to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fire Fund.

Warren is grateful for the great response the campaign is receiving and is looking forward to matching the donations. “We are thankful to customers and suppliers that have donated, as well as others within the industry who have responded to this call,” said Warren. “This is important for us to do. These people have lost everything – their source of income and in some cases, their homes. We have an obligation to help them,” explained Warren. “We can provide them the support they need to look to the future and help make Fort Mac strong again.”

f you are interested in donating to this fundraising campaign, visit Upper Canada’s website: http://www.ucfp.com, or call 1-866-265-0624 or email tandersen@ucfp.com.


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